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4 Point of Excavator teeth, help you save money

The excavator teeth is an important consumable part on the excavator. Similar to a human is a combination of a tooth holder and a tooth tip. The two are connected by a pin. Since the tooth wear failure portion is the tooth tip, the tip can be replaced.
Many of the tooth materials are wear-resistant steel materials, and the materials used by different bucket teeth manufacturers are different; there are ZGMn13 (high manganese steel), 50Mn, 30CrMnSi, 30CrMnTi and so on.
type of bucket teeth
Type of Bucket Teeth

In the process of using the teeth, it is necessary to look at the working environment, to determine the type of the tooth, generally excavation, weathered sand, surface media, etc. to use flat mouth teeth. For the hard rock with block shape, the RC type of tooth is used. For the block coal seam, the TL type tooth is generally used, and the TL tooth can increase the coal output rate. In actual use, users often like the teeth of the universal RC. If it is not a special case, we do not recommend the use of RC type teeth. It is best to use flat teeth, because the RC teeth are worn after a period of time, like a 'fist. 'Increase the excavation resistance, waste power, and the flat mouth teeth always maintain a sharp surface during the wear process, reducing the excavation resistance and saving fuel. This also means lower costs.
In addition, advice on the service life of the excavator's teeth!

1) During the use of the bucket teeth of the excavator, the outermost bucket of the bucket is 30% faster than the innermost wear. It is recommended to change the position inside and outside the bucket after a period of time. This can improve the efficiency of the excavator.

2) The driving method of the excavator driver is also critical to improving the utilization of the tooth. The excavator driver should try not to collect the bucket when lifting the boom. If the driver lifts the boom, he will take the bucket. It will cause the tooth to receive an upward traction force so that the tooth is torn from the top, and the tooth is torn. This operation must pay special attention to the coordination of the action. Some excavator drivers often use excessive force to amplify the arm and send the arm, and quickly slam the bucket onto the rock or force the bucket to fall on the rock, which will smash the bucket. Or it is easy to crack the bucket and break the big and small arms.

3) The wear of the toothed seat is also very important for the service life of the tooth of the excavator. It is recommended to replace the tooth seat after the tooth seat wears 10% , because there is a large gap between the toothed seat and the tooth. The gap between the tooth and the tooth holder changes, and the force point changes, and the tooth breaks due to the change of the force point.

4) The excavator driver should pay attention to the angle operation during excavation. When mastering the excavation as much as possible, the bucket teeth are perpendicular to the working surface when digging, or the camber is not more than 120 degrees, to avoid the tooth due to excessive inclination. . Also be careful not to swing the excavating arm to the left or right with a large resistance. This will cause the tooth and the tooth to be broken due to excessive force on the left and right. Because the design mechanics of most types of teeth do not consider the left and right forces. design.

And in next post, we would like to talk with you some experience with excavator bucket.


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